Fraser Coast Regional Council Enterprise Bargaining Agreement

The Regional Skills Investment Strategy (RSIS) is a $9 million, four-year, economic-funded initiative that helps selected regional communities identify current and emerging jobs in key industries and ensure that there is an supply of qualified local people to meet these needs. To date, our Union has entered into new agreements with more than 20 councils, including the abolition of a similar two-tier wage structure within the Fraser Coast Regional Council and the belief that Logan City Council must refrain from its two-class development initiative! There is no reason why Moreton Bay Regional Council should be any different. Each host agency will be responsible for creating a local reference group, the aim of which is a sector-specific commitment: if training is not currently subsidized under the plan, the department will explore other ways to enable individuals to access the necessary training. The results of the project will vary according to local economic conditions and employment prospects and will be determined by the department and local reference groups created for each project. The Commission will employ all non-service workers as casual workers during a first probation period. The initial trial period is three (3) months. The Council supports a tobacco-free work environment. The Commission is implementing a range of monitoring and evaluation methods to support selection, including reference controls, sanctions history checks, licensing checks, psychometric tests, functional capacity tests and competency-based tests. The important steps of the RSIS project should include defining local competency priorities (for example. B industry, location, target groups), the creation of a local reference group and collaborative networks, identification of skills and personnel challenges and cooperation with the department to develop effective training solutions. Meanwhile, all general managers, city councillors and the mayor have seen their salaries increase. Your support is needed – click on the link below and add your name to the petition asking Moreton Bay Regional Council to treat its staff – and your colleagues – fairly! Regional communities are identified by the RSIS Advisory Committee, made up of representatives from the department, Jobs Queensland, the Local Government Association of Queensland and the Department of State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors authorizes an annual closing period for Christmas/New Year. These regulations have a disproportionate impact on women on the Council. The members of the services union concerned have strongly opposed this violation of equal pay, but so far the Council has refused to abandon its position. The Council cancelled the previously agreed fees without compensation and imposed the wages of the lowest paid women. The salary and conditions of employment are in line with the current Council`s certified agreement and the corresponding allocation for each position. The Council supports further development and training of staff. Staff members are encouraged and helped to take training courses and courses. Home ” Industry News ” Moreton Bay Regional Council Employees earn a fair wage! Paid sick leave is available to staff for 15 days per year.