Biodiversity Stewardship Agreement Application

Wildlife refuge agreements are an entry agreement for interested landowners who wish to protect biodiversity on their land. Nature Protection Areas are irrevocable agreements that can be revoked at any time by the landowner. Yes, however, there are conditions that the buyer must meet with regard to the existence of a „fit and proper person” test (Biodiversity Protection Regulation 2017, Clause 5.3. Your BSA agreement contains details of what to do before the sale. You can ask an accredited expert (see Step 3 below) to conduct a feasibility assessment to give you an idea of the credits your website can generate and whether there may be an application. This will be a quick and cost-effective first step before committing to a full biodiversity assessment. It allows you to generate credits for biodiversity to which you can sell: Wildlife Refuge Agreements are an entry-level option and are suitable for you if you want to protect biodiversity on your land, but you don`t want to enter into a permanent agreement. To amend a biodiversity conservation agreement on your land, please first contact the BCT to discuss the necessary alternatives and supporting documents. You can then file the application form to apply for an agreement on biodiversity conservation.

These include the Biodiversity Management Assessment Report and the Area Management Plan. The decision to voluntarily participate in conservation agreements may have tax consequences depending on the individual circumstances of a landowner. Depending on the circumstances, this may be a tax impact: capital gains tax; Income tax services and services. Landowners may also be entitled to certain tax benefits. Landowners should be independently advised by financial or tax experts. The BCT does not offer tax advice. Step 1: Confirm that you and your website are entitled.www.environment.nsw.gov.au/biodiversity/schemeprocess.htm landowners (or their representatives) negotiate the sale price of their biodiversity loans with the credit buyer to which developers, BCT or other interested parties may belong. A portion of the sale price must be paid to the Organic Air Management Management Payment Fund to cover the costs of managing the site.