Explain The Agreement That The Forty-One Signers Made

The list of signatories was published at least twice in the 18th century, but each time based on Morton`s list of 1669 and not on the original. As a result, there has been confusion for many years about the actual list of signatories. Some believe that there would be names apart from those that Morton would have made available if all adult male passengers had signed the pact. Morton was apparently copied from Bradford and not from the original written and signed compact. The Mayflower Compact was designed and signed on November 21, 1620 aboard the Mayflower. The „Federation of Plantations”, which was interfering in a separatist federation of the Church, was a document that established a „civil body policy” (a transitional government) until one could be established in a more sustainable way (ibid.). The agreement established the principles of an autonomous body that is not completely separated from the King of England. The Mayflower Compact pursued the idea of the law that was made by and for people. This idea is at the heart of democracy and has played a major role in the creation of a new democratic nation (Constitutional Rights Foundation 2002).

1. What were the two groups that included passengers on the Mayflower? How were they different from each other? Like what? 2. What events forced the Mayflower passengers to write and sign the Mayflower Compact? 3. What are the facts of the article that support the argument that pilgrims were democratic? What are the facts that support the view that they were not democratic? 4. What is the most important idea in the Mayflower Compact? What other ideas does it contain? 5. Take a final vote. Decide whether the pact`s approval should be approved unanimously, with a two-thirds majority or a simple majority. After the vote on the Mayflower II pact, everyone who agrees should sign it.

The pact created the idea of a social contract. A social contract is a real or hypothetical pact between leaders and their leaders, which defines the rights and duties of each (Encyclopedia Britannica). Although specific tasks were not entrusted to all settlers, the election of John Carver as the first governor of New Plymouth introduced a higher-order concept. Non-profit organizations use the same principle in creating a contract between the Agency and its staff.