Rental Agreement California Spanish

The Spanish-speaking, Chinese, Tagalog, Vietnamese or Korean tenant negotiated the lease through his own interpreter; and the tenant`s interpreter is able to speak fluently and read English with all understanding, as well as Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog, Vietnamese or Korean (depending on what was used in the negotiations); and the interpreter is not a minor (under 18); and the interpreter is not employed or made available by the owner or through the owner. If a landlord who must submit a written translation of a lease or lease in one of these languages does not do so, the tenant may revoke (resiliate) the contract. 4. The tenant is still required to pay the reasonable rental value of the property, and he should be a tenant with the termination of the tenancy agreement of less than one month until the monthly lease. This law does not apply to a landlord who proposes a rental contract on a monthly basis. The law applies to fixed-term leases, for example. B for six months, one year, etc. The landlord covered by the law must submit a specific Spanish translation of the contract before the lease is effectively executed. If the lessor has a rental office where contracts are normally executed, he must indicate in Spanish that such translations are provided. Not only must a Spanish translation of the lease be presented, but all subsequent documents that substantially alter the terms of the lease, such as agreements, innovations, modifications and communications on the modification of the lease conditions, must also be accompanied by a Spanish translation. Communications prescribed by law, but which do not affect the duration of the tenancy agreement, such as deportation orders. B, are not concerned. The burden, to ensure that the translation is correct, falls to the owner.

The Ministry of Consumer Affairs is responsible for verifying the Spanish translation for a fee, but the lessor cannot publish that the ministry has verified the translation, and the legislator has made consumer issues as irresponsible as all other agencies in case of error. The objective being to be able to say that a person disinterested in impeccable objectivity and registration information checked the document, the lessor would probably be better off hiring a bilingual law student for the job.